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Pett Franklin & CapDesk discuss employee liquidity

Edward Franklin of Pett Franklin recently participated in a Webinar with Capdesk to discuss employee liquidity. See the transcript of the conversation here.

Pett Franklin and Capdesk have been working together since 2018 and have helped numerous clients utilise the Capdesk software. When implementing a share scheme using Capdesk having a professional advisor who also understands the software significantly improves the speed and experience of implementation. 

Pett Franklin can validate assumptions associated with share-based payments and provide resilience and coherence to auditor scrutiny. Pett Franklin can also provide any legal documentation associated with employee equity schemes (i.e. EMI, growth shares,
JSOP, unapproved options) and any valuation
associated with the awards.

For more information please see, Equity Management – Capdesk.

If you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of share plans further,  please contact Edward Franklin at or call 0121 281 5803.