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Financial Technology

More than Software

The share scheme environment for Financial Technology companies is to a significant extent the same as Software companies.

However, financial technology companies do have additional complexity beyond software and this often relates to obtaining and maintaining regulatory approval.

Fin-tech in the UK

At Pett Franklin we have supported many financial technology companies which often base themselves in the UK due in part to London’s financial heritage and associated regulatory, tax and talent environment.

The hub of investment into London into financial technology in particular attracts venture capital funds from across the world which can create complex preference stacks and corporate structures which can complicate the use of employee share schemes and often requires expert advice to navigate.

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How Pett Franklin can help

Depending on factors such as :

  • how many employees you have,
  • size of your business,
  • how mature the business is,
  • whether you are bootstrapping or backed by venture capital
  • or a mature quoted or private equity backed company

We can design a share scheme that is the right fit for your business whether it be EMI, SIP, Growth Share or JSOP, or any other bespoke arrangement. Whether you are a tech-unicorn or literally just starting out we are able to help you incentivise personnel with equity.